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Yes, recommend. I have bought three other dolls before her and her legs are more feminine than the others. I liked this doll so much that I returned the others (but kept their heads). There is one drawback that doesn’t count toward the star rating, but a word of caution to those of you who haven’t seen a gym since high school ….. If you want this doll, you need to lift weights at the gym! She is heavy! Have a moving truck ready when she arrives.

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[block id=”blogads”] Sexy and cute: They are not only cute, but also sexy, created by a great team of professional designers to give her the most real life girly look possible. 42% of women believe that their partners’ fondness for erotica will make their relationship worse. Packaging Normal or a custom flight guide love doll bag. Women often don’t want you to do pushups with fast and vigorous frequency. Pay special attention to the hygiene of private places. Because orgasm requires constant stimulation. Your baby is very clean and safe to use. When you buy a sex doll for the […]